Special Offers

Special Offers

Special Offers For New and Existing Patients From Your Dentist In Sonora

As a family and cosmetic dentist in Sonora, CA, Dr. Berger and the rest of our staff at Sonora Dentist strive to provide the best, most affordable dental care possible. To make it make it easier than ever for patients to receive the dental care they need, Sonora Dentist is proud to offer you the following outstanding special offers on a wide range of preventative and restorative treatments.

We hope you'll take advantage of these greatly discounted fees. If you are in need of treatment, looking to replace a missing tooth, or just want to whiten your smile, these are offers you shouldn't pass up!

*Offers limited to EITHER crown promotion or root canal promotion. Limited to once per patient, and cannot be combined with any other special offer or dental work.

Dental Crown Placement - $840 (a $500 savings)

Dental crowns make a great option for protecting teeth weakened by decay, restoring a broken tooth, or to cap a dental implant. With our current special offer, you can restore your smile back to health with a Custom-Made Dental Crown for Just $840!

Using E-4D technology, Dr. Berger can have you smiling more confidently after just one office visit. For the low price of $840, Dr. Berger will create and fit a custom crown that will immediately help to restore the form and function of your smile. Once in place, the crown will completely cover the visible portion of the damaged tooth. Not only can a dental crown improve the appearance of your smile, it will also make it easier for you to complete many daily activities like eating and drinking.

Schedule your dental crown consultation with Dr. Berger today to take advantage of this low offer.

*Offer limited to one crown per patient. Patients have the option for a same day crown or traditional crown as part of the special offer. Offer cannot be combined with any other special or ongoing dental treatment. Implant crowns are excluded.

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root_canalRoot Canal Treatment - $740 (a $500 savings)

Dental decay and disease can seriously impact the health of your teeth. When harmful oral bacteria enters the delicate interior of a tooth known as the pulp, it can cause permanent damage to the nerve of a tooth. In cases where severe damage has occurred to the nerve of a tooth, a root canal treatment may be your only alternative to saving the tooth.

Rooth canal treatment helps take care of the immediate infection that is causing you pain and removes the nerve from a dead and dying tooth. Root canal treatment can save the structure of your tooth from further decay and prevent the need for the permanent removal of the tooth. To help restore your tooth back to health, Dr. Berger is offering Root Canal Treatment for $740.

*Offer limited to root canal treatment on one tooth per patient. Treatment only includes the removal of the pulp. Additional treatments may be required to complete the root canal. Offer cannot be combined with any other special or ongoing dental treatment.

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Free New Patient Exam & X-Rays (regularly valued at $195)

Regular dental exams and checkups rank as an important part of maintaining and improving your overall oral health. With our Free Dental Exam & X-Rays special, you can help reduce your risk of oral decay and disease that causes long-term oral health problems.

Your Free Exam Includes:

  • Full mouth series x-rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Consultation with Dr. Berger
  • Invidiual treatment plan

*Offers limited to one exam and set of x-rays per patient, and cannot be combined with any other special offer or dental work.

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Emergency Exam & X-Rays for $141

If you've suffered a dental emergency, you know that getting the dental care you need becomes a top priority. At Sonora Dentist, we're proud to offer an Emergency Dental Exam & X-rays to all of our patients.

With our Emergency Exam, Dr. Berger can determine the cause of any discomfort and a course of treatment that will return you back to health. We offer flexible appointment times, including early mornings and evenings to meet your emergency dental needs.

*By appointment only, limited to availability

The emergency exam and the first emergency x-ray are $141.00 total. Visit cost may vary depending on the patient’s need. DOES NOT INCLUDE TREATMENT

*Offers limited to one exam and set of x-rays per patient, and cannot be combined with any other special offer or dental work. Offer valid with a scheduled treatment appointment.

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Same Day Crowns are still available!

Our office offers same day crowns using E-4D technology. Don't wait to have your smile repaired. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Berger to determine if same day crowns are right for you!

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