Improve Your Smile with Lumineers with the best Sonora cosmetic dentist

Improve Your Smile with Lumineers with the best Sonora cosmetic dentist

If you have long desired a straighter set of teeth or always wanted a whiter smile then Lumineers could be the solution you have been looking for.

Smiling shouldn’t cause you to feel self-conscious about how you look, and you don’t need to suffer the stress or potential embarrassment about having crooked, discolored or missing teeth. Lumineers offer a simple, pain free solution that can radically change the complexion of your smile in just two dental visits.  We want to be your Sonora cosmetic dentist of choice, so here’s all you need to know about this one-of-a-kind veneer system:

Here’s what every patient should know about Lumineers.

What are Lumineers? Lumineers rank as the top patient-requested veneers system in the U.S., and can help to improve a variety of common oral health problems, including: gaps between teeth; crooked teeth; worn or uneven teeth; and discolored, fractured or damaged teeth.

Unlike traditional veneers, which are thick and frequently require the irreversible removal of healthy tooth enamel to install, a Lumineers veneer has the thickness of a contact lens and is positioned using a minimally invasive technique that keeps most healthy tooth enamel intact.

Traditional veneers are typically made from either porcelain or a synthetic resin. However, porcelain veneers tend to be far more resilient and durable when compared to their synthetic counterpart. The porcelain used to create Lumineers is incredibly strong, and, in fact, can be contoured to an ultra-thin width and still remain durable enough to last 20 years. When installed, Lumineers often have a thickness of between 0.2 and 0.3 millimeters, which is thinner than most disposable contact lenses.

Because Lumineers are so thin, most procedure are completely pain-free, and can be completed without the need for shots or the grinding down of remaining teeth. Once a Lumineers procedure has been completed, patients don’t experience any post-placement sensitivity or discomfort, which allows Lumineers to look and feel completely comfortable and natural from the very beginning.

Lumineers Procedure

On your first appointment, Dr. Berger will create a custom mold of your teeth. Then you and Dr. Berger will determine what shade of white you would like your new smile to appear. Following the visit, Dr. Berger will send off the mold of your teeth to a lab where your custom set of Lumineers will be created.

Unlike traditional veneers, you don’t need to wear temporary replacements until your Lumineers are created. When Dr. Berger receives your custom Lumineers back from the lab, he will check them for the correct shade of white and fit. During your second appointment, Dr. Berger will place your Lumineers in a painless procedure that requires no drilling of sensitive areas or shots. Placements procedures typically last for only an hour.

Should you ever decide that you want to remove the Lumineers, the procedure is completely reversible because no grinding of your teeth is required. Your natural teeth remain healthy and intact beneath the Lumineers.

Once your Lumineers have been placed, you can feel confident to eat or drink whatever you want. The bonding process with your teeth helps to ensure that your Lumineers remain perfectly in position regardless of how sticky, chewy or crunchy the item you consume.

While durable and reliable, Lumineers don’t replace the need to practice quality oral hygiene, which means you still need to brush and continue to schedule regular dental check ups with Dr. Berger every six months to maintain the rest of your teeth and keep your gums healthy and strong.

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