Common Injuries To Your Teeth and What To Do

Common Injuries To Your Teeth and What To Do

Much as we would like to avoid them, we know that injuring your teeth and gums can happen to all of us. At Sonora Dentist, your choice for emergency dentist in Sonora, CA, we would like to make you aware of a few of the most common injuries and what to do should they occur. Cuts and lacerations to the mouth and teeth can bleed even if they are tiny, due to the vast amount of blood vessels in your mouth, so it’s important to know which ones need immediate attention, and what you can do till you can see the dentist.

Knocking Out A Tooth

If you lose a tooth by getting it knocked out (also called an avulsion), it is often possible to replace or re-implant them. If you can find the tooth after it has been knocked out, make sure to handle it very gently, and to only pick it up by the crown, trying to avoid touching the root at all costs. If the tooth is dirty, then it can be cleaned using water, but never use soap or try to dry, scrub it or wrap the tooth up and don’t store the tooth in water. The best thing to do is to try to place a clean tooth back into the socket as soon as possible by very carefully pushing it back into its socket with your finger and then closing your mouth very slowly. If you can keep your tooth in place with your fingers or by biting down gently, that can also help.

If the tooth cannot be put back into your mouth until you get to the dentist, make sure that it does not dry out. Placing it in a glass of milk, in your mouth next to your teeth, or in a special emergency tooth preservation kit is advised. Using water to store a tooth is not recommended, as tooth root surface cells do not like to spend time in water. The most important thing is seeing the next available dentist or endodontist within a half an hour. After thirty minutes it is still possible to replace a tooth, but the first thirty are optimal for this process.

A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

Your dentist can often fix teeth that get chipped or cracked by reattaching the effected pieces or by using a natural-colored tooth filling. If the dentist feels that too much of the tooth is injured then they may decide to restore it using an artificial crown. If, upon further inspection, the inside of the tooth is damaged, a root canal might be necessary.

Chipped and cracked teeth that involve pulp injuries should be attended to as soon as possible, though until you get treatment you can bite on a small clean piece of cloth. You should stay away from using any topical oral gels or medicine. If splits or cracks in the back teeth happen, often a root canal or full crown may be called for.

Loose Or Dislocated Teeth

If you find yourself with a tooth that has been knocked loose or dislocated in its position due to some dental trauma, like a blow to the teeth or a fall, a dentist can often reposition the tooth and steady it. This dislodging of a tooth is called dental luxation and often, if the tooth is not cracked or fractured, it can be successfully put back in its pace using a splint. This will help the periodontal ligament and pulp healing process. In some cases, a root canal may be necessary as well.

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